Afamasaga T Moresi, Samoa Capital Radio

Talofa and thanks Debbie, it was lovely for me and the team to work with you and Steven.  What you experienced at SCR is the norm, it’s our Samoan & Pacific way of doing things.

Each individual learned some new ways to help him/her work smarter not harder, which was one of the goals I was hoping would be achieved from the session. I think for all of us, it was like a having a light bulb switched on,  to reveal some of the useful and timesaving functions of outlook which have been sitting there in front of us all the time without us knowing they were there.

For me personally, it was good to know that some of the things you recommended we should do, like the ‘Google calendar’; we have already implemented for our programme scheduling on our website. Steven also pointed out some good selling points that should accompany the bits of information which is published on the Internet about SCR.  I, together with the team will look forward to working with you on follow ups over the next 12 months.