Des Flynn; G.M. Strategic Business Development; LPL Group of Companies

“Debbie understands the need for her audience to take away from her address tangible things that they can easily implement at their work place to immediately make that difference. Debbie put in a huge effort to research her topic to make it absolutely relevant to her audience. This included in-depth fact finding with our point of sale software provider to understand the software capability to provide customer recognition; interviewing, by phone, several of our suppliers and store managers; visiting five of our pharmacies to better understand how they operate.

Debbie’s topic was therefore relevant to, and interactive with her audience, and added significant value in laying the foundations, relating to how to work smarter and be more time efficient, resulting in improved business decisions. This was delivered in a very entertaining and witty way which captured the hearts and minds of the audience.

The resulting positive feedback that we have had relating to Debbie’s address is a credit to her ability to stir up passion in her audience.”