Hari Maragos, Principal and Certified Financial Planner, Victoria Wealth Management Pty Ltd

I met Debbie at a conference recently where she was touted as ‘the time saving guru’ – and I must admit you tend to view these sorts of tag lines with a pinch of salt and very much tongue in cheek. Well what a pleasing and quite amazing surprise to be part of an enthusiastic and energetic session!! Debbie brings passion and movement to an otherwise drab subject that she is clearly an expert in. In an era where everything is moving ever so fast (and only getting faster), and when gizmos and gadgets are becoming “man’s best friend” Debbie is a breath of fresh air. No more stodgy, boring presentations or webinars – Debbie is queen. If you haven’t seen/heard her – she is a must see on your calendar. If you haven’t booked her – find the time/money and book a session with her and your organisation. Quite simply – she IS the time saving guru!!