Narelle Jensen; AFG; Member Support Manager

Debbie Mayo-Smith was the keynote speaker at our professional development day on 1st November 2013.  Debbie is an engaging and entertaining speaker who kept the attention of our 200+ delegates for over an hour … not always easy to do!  Debbie put a lot of time and effort into tailoring her presentation, researching our organisation’s resources, and ensuring that the content was both in line with our message as well as what would be of benefit to our delegates in their day to day businesses.  Debbie is down to earth and practical, and demonstrates a thorough knowledge of her subject.  As a result the delegates leave with ideas and tips that they can apply straight away … and Debbie follows that up with ongoing support which is of great value.  This is the second time we have had Debbie speak at one of our conferences and both times were a great success and I would highly recommend Debbie to other organisations.