Roy D Palmer; FAICD, PCO; Executive Director – Aquaculture without Frontiers

All of the sessions were fully subscribed and some, where extra numbers could be accommodated, were looked after and the overall feedback was amazing. The sessions were sponsored by AgriFood Skills Council and verbally I have heard from them that they were extremely happy with their engagement through these sessions as fitted their criteria exceptionally well.

A number of industry people who I have seen since the event have mentioned that these sessions were much appreciated as they were able to hone their business skills and gain some confidence in areas which will be invaluable to them in the future. At the event I was approached by a number of people who had attended one or more of Debbie’s sessions who commented that the concept was excellent, that they had learnt a lot of new techniques and that Debbie was one of the best engaging presenters they had ever witnessed.

It takes a lot of skill, experience and knowledge to seize the attention of 50+ people in a room and capture their attention over a 1.5-2 hour session and then to do that over 5 sessions on different subjects over a 3 day period and this puts Debbie Mayo-Smith in a special category and worthy of many accolades as a speaker and educator.

Kudos Debbie….