Simon Ellis, CEO, Beacon Media Group

Debbie was engaged by Beacon Media Group to run a session which involved salespeople across 6 of our companies, all with varying needs.

The session required an approach that would cut across `seasoned’ sales people who may think they have heard it all before.

With prior homework from Debbie in seeking out relevant information from our sites well before the training day, Debbie was able to bring together a presentation which hit the mark, which for us is about working smarter, not harder. She used real examples from our companies, showing our team how to improve on them.

In our businesses, we have been on  path over the last couple of years to improve margins, work on more profitable clients to help them grow. Debbie’s presentation was tailored exactly to our requirements and hit the mark precisely.

Her tips will save our teams time, allow them to communicate more effectively with clients and in doing so will free up more time to build new sales.

The follow post training was efficient , and ongoing,  will deliver benefits for our organisation through access to many of Debbie’s resources.