The delightful networker

If done properly networking can be a very rewarding method of relationship building within a company, as well as helping create a source of new business.

The key to successful networking is making sure you do it all the time. Approach every single social situation with the positive thought of ‘who will I meet here’?

Here are five tips to become a delightful person to mingle with as well.

  1. Get to know your host on the Internet
    Only enter a room once you know the background of your host and any guests you want to meet. This takes just a few moments on the Internet but gives you the leading edge (plus something to talk about).
  2. Know the hot topics in the industry of your host
    You are never going to look boorish when you ask knowledgeable questions about your hosts business.
  3. Want to be interesting and knowledgeable?
    Read the paper every day. Even if only for a few minutes and you only read the lead paragraphs.
  4. Help them remember your name
    Studies show people often forget the first 15 seconds of a conversation so they have already forgotten who you are. At a natural pause in the conversation casually drop in “You may not have caught my name earlier. It …”
  5. The follow-up note
    Maybe the single most important thing you can do in networking is sending a quick note the next day. This stands out as few people bother to do it. It shows that you took the time to write a personal note and that you not only remember the conversation but really valued it. It also serves to remind the person of who you are and what you do.

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