The Key To Getting Your Message Read

In this day of message bombardment both on the go and at your desk, your business communications have to cut through the assault. If you want them to be read, here is a beginning, easy to do suggestion.

Simply be sure it’s WIIFM – what is in it for them. The vast majority of businesses in their marketing emails and newsletters don’t recognize this simple fact. Your recipients don’t care about anything except their world. They’re busy. Over messaged. Over inundated. Most emails are written from a me, me, me point of view with that type of content.
You can see these examples are written from the originating businesses perspective – them; rather than from their readers perspective. The road to take for more success is this. Put yourself (or should I say your marketing person) in your readers shoes and think like them. What are my problems? My pains. What solutions would interest me? How can I be more successful? How can I save x?

Here’s a few examples from my inbox with my suggested quick, easy revamp:

A consultant: I’ve just written a new book
The revamp: You’ll find in this book

b. A Twitter direct message: We develop easy to use & affordable hosted IT….
The revamp: Do you need easy to use & affordable hosted IT…

c. Speaker: if you missed my webinar
The revamp: Here is some information you won’t want to miss.