Three reasons smart phones are a must

  1. You get more done
    My husband (who is a CIO – Chief Information Officer) put it quite succinctly “with a smartphone, you have 75% of the functionality of your desktop computer, yet total freedom from your desk.” For the self employed or anyone is sales or business development, think of the freedom it gives you to leave the office to network with, schmooze and develop more clients. Instead of coming back to piled up communications, you’ll be able to stay on top while out.  You can use Microsoft on your smartphone to edit, create and view Word documents, as well as view and synchronize your Excel, PowerPoint, PDF and other files. It provides an easy way to send files using your existing e-mail account right from your iPhone.
  2. Education on the run
    With the internet connection, you can use downtime to learn. Reading news, blogs, researching instead of simply standing while waiting in lines.
  3. Faster cheaper focused business communication
    The next time you’re planning on telephoning or emailing – be it for an order pick up, to verify a meeting, ask a question, set an appointment – consider sending a sms message instead. It takes you and the recipient less time, saves telephone tag, costs less than a phone call and is more immediate than an email. Further you’re sure to get a rapid response.