3 Tips On Releasing Too Much Pressure

How can you effectively manage your busy day? Time management is not necessarily working “harder,” but rather, “smarter.” Here are three time management tips that will increase your daily success.

1. Start your day with a plan of action.
Time management is doing the right things initially. There is nothing more delicious than having a list, then crossing the items off. Instead of having a scattering of partially crossed off lists all over the place, you can buy a small notebook for a running log or of course use your phone/computer notebook. Make a habit of it. One place, write things down.

2. Make time
Put your tasks that will take time in your calendar/diary!!!! Make the time and use it. Example 15 minutes to do call backs

3. Everything is not possible
There is simply no way whatsoever you will ever completely cross off a list. Do not beat yourself up. Let it go. Remember to simply prioritise, then congratulate yourself at the end of the day for getting the most important completed. Following on, here’s a thought.  Delegate and eliminate – you can do anything. Not everything. Get help for things you shouldn’t be doing with your time – low priority. Then for the things you are doing, look to improve and do them better – such as working on your computer. Find shortcuts for repetitive tasks.