3 Tips To Improve Communications

Results before resource:  Most presentations focus on how wonderful ‘you’ and ‘your’ products are. Your business, offerings, staff, products. It focus is on your business as a resource to them. Replace it with what results they’ll get with you. How will working with you make them more successful? Earn them more money? More esteem? How will it free up time?
Fluff walks. Money talks. Put a dollar value on it So many proposals are fluffy. Instead focus on the bottom line results and quantify. More profit, sales, time. A result of happy staff is fluffy. From example one above, you wouldn’t just say ‘free up two working weeks’. You research their staff, industry salaries and quantify it with ‘you save at least $1470 per person per year’.
Presentations are not scripts. Sales presentations are normally laden with text, text, text. And more text. In essence they become the scripts that the sales person follows; rather than a selling piece. Create two presentations. One you hand them. And one you present which is full of interesting pictures.