3 Tips To Produce More Income

1. Focus on Your Most Profitable Income Producing Activity

As you know marketing and business development costs. It takes time, attention and dollars from your business. So in this environment it does not make sense to spin your wheels trying to produce business that does not  provide the best return. Let me tell you a story. An acquaintance called me the other day wanting advice. I listened to him ramble on about what he wanted to do – this and that. And all of it was going to be marketed on a website. My advice? Don’t spin your wheels on every single money making activity you can think of. Your time is limited and valuable. How much energy and effort will it take you to produce this item that will sell for perhaps $10 or $20 dollars each, passively off your website? Wouldn’t it be better to put that same time and energy to get a corporate client where they would pay you in the thousands?

So look at all the activities you do. In 2010 focus on the ones that show you more money for your resource invested.

2. Email – You Must, Must, Must, Must do it Right

I will not harp on you about email. It is one of the most valuable business tools you can employ in 2010. But you can blow it royally by not doing it correctly. You must:

  • Target correctly
  • Think customer first
  • Don’t inundate
  • Graphic simplicity is the name of the game
  • Track, measure and respond
  • Be clever, don’t follow the pack
  • Develop an outstanding database of your own

3. Get Some New Best Business Friends

I’m talking about those with huge email databases. 1 + 1 = much more than 2 when you join marketing forces with someone with a large permission database. Think of clever joint ventures you can do, companies in synergy with you, complementary where you can cross market services to each other.