Turn Inquires Into Customers

The first few minutes of an incoming call are crucial.
Gain immediate control of the conversation to help you turn innocent enquiries into new customers. I’ll use a financial services company in example.

The Opening
Wrong Way:
“Good morning, Smith Financial Services.” The caller will now ask a question and be in control of the call. Answer the telephone with a statement and then ask the caller a question.
Right Way: “Good morning, Smith Financial Services.” “How may I help you?”
First the statement, then the question. The person who asks the question is in control.

The Price
What if the customer asks for a price? Customer: “How much is your life insurance for a 40 yr old man for $100,000 in insurance?”
Wrong Way:
“Oh, let’s see, it’s 54 dollars a month.” Click!
Right Way:
“I’d be glad to give you all the information you need. Tell me a little more about yourself?”
First the statement, then the question.

The Inquiry
Customer: “Can you give me credit for my existing insurance?”
Wrong Way:
“I don’t think we give credit.”
Right Way:
“That will depend on what exactly what your needs are and what insurances you have now.

Control the telephone conversation to turn it into new business rather than a hang-up.