Two Important Revenue Generating Ideas

If you haven’t paid a lot of attention to your database, you should. It could be a veritable goldmine for you. Here are two tips you shouldn’t ignore.

Never Let A Valid Prospect Go

Never let a viable prospect, referrer or customer go. You spent time (networking, good customer service) or money (advertising, website development) to get them. Don’t waste your money or time spent. Don’t forget your business referrers. They are equally important to keep note of.

Plan For The Future Today

What marketing you’d like to do now and over the next few years.  Think about what business development you’d like to do. Anything new you’d like to try in the customer services arena? Is there any new business activities that you might consider? New product, new service, new branch/store?

What about additional staff? Will you ever need to know or monitor their productivity or their contribution to business? If so how will you measure it? What fields would you need? If you start a newsletter – will all customers and prospects get it? Will they want it in print or online? If online in plain text or in colour? Will the same newsletter go to everyone  (or like me, will you customise an online newsletter and send out four to five different versions each time?

Phone numbers. Are you entering country and area codes now? If not, should you put them in the new database? Yes, if you ever plan to market in any way based on geographical location.

See why you need to stop and think? Not just rush head long?

1. Plan.
2. Design.
3. Move.