Two Top Smartphone Travel Tips

Do you take holiday photos? How about photos you wish came out better? That gorgeous sunset by eye, just didn’t translate to an equally superb photo?

The top two smartphone travel tips that I’d like to suggest are easy and dramatically wonderful.

First tip. Turn on your phone’s location settings.

This will tag to the exact location each photo you take. Then when you try to find that needle in the haystack of your 1000+ photos you took – all you have to do is in the search start typing in the location (for example Nuku’alofa or Westport and your phone will bring up all the photos. Even better, if you click on the photo information (normally three dots or in the latest Samsung flick up on your photo) it will show you the photos on a map. Expand the map and you’ll get more photos in different locations. Bye the way – you’ll need to be connected to the internet for the Google map itself to download).

Where to find location settings?

It will be different for each phone and probably each version of phone software but in general:

Iphone: Privacy>Location settings (enable) then scroll down to the camera and enable.

Samsung: In your Camera, select Settings (the gear>Location Tags.

Android: >Settings>Google>Location

Second Tip – Saturation.

You can turn a dull sunset into a brilliant one by enhancing the saturation (colour). Of course there are other settings. Contrast. Brightness. But saturation should be your first stop.


  • iPhone> Photo App > Edit (or)
  • 3 lines> Dial> Colour > 3 lines>Saturation

Samsung Galaxy

  • Photo App > Edit >3 lines> Dial> Colour > 3 lines>Saturation

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