Upskill during the holidays

“OH NO!!!! Not Patricia Flipp”
The children would MOAN in unison making a joke of her name. Sometimes I do give in to Iron Maiden. Metallica. Or Rihanna. However most of the time if I’m not clamoring for peace and quiet, or if dad isn’t in the car – he’s the boss, I listen to one of my business CD’s. Patricia Fripp I review often, as she’s a fabulous speaking coach.

Just one little sentence
Over the past two years, how many business CD’s, mp3’s or books have you bought? Seminars, conferences, workshops attended? It’s an investment of time and money that can pay off dramatically for you – personally and business wise. It’s that one little sentence you’ll read or hear – that one little idea when applied, will make significant impact.

With the summer upon us and a disquieting economic environment, it has not been so important to be at peak productivity and in the forefront as it is now. So please view this as a timely reminder not to be too busy. Make time to improve your effectiveness – both personally and in business. Be on the lookout for ways to enhance how you work, how you “sell”, market, deal with clients, manage your time……

Where can you go to further your development?

  1. Library / Bookstores
  2. Networking functions
  3. Blogs
  4. Itunes
  5. Associations – join them and use their websites
  6. Sign up for newsletters
  7. Conferences
  8. Internet searches on a subject

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