Use Instagram Geotags to do your research

Of course you’ve heard of Instagram. As a business professional or perhaps as a gentlemen, you’ve left it to the kids.

Or perhaps you use it daily to follow your friends or take a sneak peek into the everyday lives of the rich and famous. Perhaps you follow the latest trends hitting the fashion or beauty world or exotic travel locations.

But what you may not be using it for is as a research tool for your personal or business travel. You can do so through the use of Instagram geotags (aka the photos location). Whenever someone uploads a photo that is ‘tagged in’ at a specific location it is added to that place, whether it be a country, town, hotel or even café. Here in lies your unfiltered, authentic travel guide.

By browsing through photos from a specific town or city you plan on visiting; it gives you an authentic insight into destinations from other travelers or locals. Visuals and insights you would not find in a guide book or travel site. You can have a preview into what the destination is really like, find a café or bar that looks interesting or just simply to get you excited. It can give you a feel for the destination, show places that are popular or even hint at the type of clothing you should wear.

You can also use it to check out your hotel before booking it. People often tag photos at popular hotels all around the world – this gives you an awareness to what the hotel is really like; not the photo shopped ones plastered on the company’s site. The same can be done with a specific tourist destination you plan to visit.

To search a geotag on Instagram, simply head to the search menu and click ‘Places’ along the top bar – enter the place you wish to search (e.g. Barcelona, The W Seminyak, Scenic hotel Dunedin or Big Ben London).

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