Want More Sales? Here’s How!

A simple lesson to learn from a plumbing company

“Debbie, we had a large contract that was coming up in a few months. In the interim we needed to take up the slack with work so in order not to lay off staff. Naturally we thought we’d go to our customers first and see if we could get some new business from them.

We initially thought we’d contact 1000 of them with the idea of offering a complimentary check of their external electrical connection. Afraid of wasting our money on such a large mailing, we began with a trial of 100 letters. From those 100 we got 80 appointments! In fact we got so much work and were so flat out from that first mail out we were thanking our lucky stars we didn’t send the original 1000 planned!!!”

I know what you’re thinking. “Nice story Debbie. But I’m not a trade’s person. What’s this got to do with me?

What is your answer to these three questions?

  1. How detailed is your ‘marketing’ database? I didn’t say customer database because you should be thinking on a larger scale. Customers. Prospects (depending on your business).
  2. How closely can you target (relevance to them – not you?) How fast can you move when customer service or sales opportunities arise?
  3. How often do you use your database to add value to your service AND bring in $$$?