When emails go unanswered

How much business is lost, goodwill diminished through non-response? It’s ghastly how many emails that go unanswered (I’m not talking about marketing or newsletter emails). Here’s two tips to help you battle email overload and monitor the problem.

1. Set a two step rule up to automatically respond to email website enquires. Send an automatic response, then move the email to a folder to be personally answered at a less busy time. You can add another step by automating a copy of the incoming web enquiry to go to a manager to initiate a monitoring system.

2. If you send an important email, blind carbon copy yourself. Drag & drop your copy into Tasks and set a date. When the Task pops up, you’ll remember if you’ve received a response. If not, drag & drop the Task back into your inbox (it will turn it into an email again). Erase the Task notations and put this in the subject line before you send.
You haven’t answered my email. 

This works EVERY time. You’ll normally have a response within an hour.