Why you must be social

I was lucky to be invited by Kathy Cunningham Executive Director of PR for Ogilvy to a reception for Joi Gordon, the World CEO of the charity Dress for Success. As you would, I looked Joi up on Google and found her listed on the Dress for Success Website as well as on Linkedin and Twitter. Naturally I went to her Twitter site to get a feel for her personally. Joi was brand new to Twitter as her first Tweet (short communication under 147 characters) was only a few days old from the Los Angeles airport when Joi was enroute to New Zealand.

At the reception when I was introduced to Joi, I mentioned her Twitter page. She replied “My board told me I had to start tweeting”.

Many like Joi (over the age of 30) have largely ignored social media use for business. The consensus being they feel it’s strictly social (look at the name), not relevant for their business or conversely overwhelmed by the alternatives, time investment and hype surrounding it.
The problem is – you personally might not be interested, but if your market has a large demographic component of youth – you cannot afford not to take notice. Those customers are all there and ignoring social media means you lose a free highly used communication channel with them.

My advice is to start now to learn, read, watch then emulate what is right for you. A top website you can watch and learn from is www.mashable.com. Better yet join on as a fan to their Facebook page http://www.facebook.com/mashable or join in on the Tweets of the CEO Peter Cashmore http://twitter.com/mashable