Winning sales presentations

Creating a great sales presentation isn’t very different to crafting a great speech. You want to keep attention. Motivate. Convince. Move to action.

Here is a formula (learnt from the USA Maestro Patricia Fripp) that should help you to vastly improve your success when putting together and delivering a sales presentation.

  1. To whom are you speaking?
    Be prepared before you go in and know as much about your audience as possible. Age, attitude, industry and gender will all have a bearing on how you present your points. Men and women have different senses of humour. Younger audiences will be more impatient than older, C level executives don’t need the details. Your presentation style and content must fit their perspective.
  2. You are not the hero
    What is the ratio of your PowerPoint slides  (or written material) devoted to your company vs. the potential client? It stands to reason if you are invited to pitch, you have already passed the preliminary vetting. The convincing is done. Wow them, stand out from your competition by focusing on them – not stories of you, your company, achievements or accolades. Do you like listening to egotistical sales people? Share the glory with sales teams. Ensure you put the prospective company in the lime light.
  3. I-You Ratio 
    Likewise look through your sales presentations and count how many I’s, we’s and us’s you have. Make certain your slides and stories are about them, not you. Change the perspective at every opportunity possible.
    Wrong: Our company is number one in
    Right: You benefit from our number one standing because
  4. Questions
    Don’t end with questions, rather take them before you review so you can close on a high note.
  5. Review
    If possible use a story again – outlining a client that benefited in all the ways you highlight they will benefit.