Wisdom, Wonder & Work

Life should not be all work. So, aside from productivity tips, are you interested in history? travel? or living more of a life you love? You see in addition to the conferences I speak at, Steve (hubby) and I also write and present History and Destination lectures overseas so here we share some fascinating history knowledge? In small bite sized pieces of course.

Creating A Better Photo
Continuing on with the theme of holiday photos. Ever had the situation where someone or thing spoils the perfect photo? ...
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Two Top Smartphone Travel Tips
Do you take holiday photos? How about photos you wish came out better? That gorgeous sunset by eye, just didn’t ...
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How The Great Empire of Carthage was born
It’s 813 BC. Tyre (present day Lebnon). One of the ancient city states of the Phoenicians. Their king Mutto dies, ...
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Why Was Purple Such An Expensive Dye In Ancient Times?
The ancient Phoenicians lived from 2500-550 BC and were a great sea faring and trading civilisation. They came from Tyre ...
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