Why Debbie?

Your audience will love Debbie, the most sought-after productivity speaker and trainer in New Zealand and Australia, regularly rated as the top speaker at conferences and companies she works with.

You’ll love Debbie’s warm, relaxed style. In the training environment, Debbie moves individuals from feeling stressed to empowered; overloaded to in-control. Teams find her content entertaining, practical. plain talking; full of how-to’s and tips focusing on helping them with time management; communication and technology. A best-selling author of sixteen books, Debbie was labelled Ms Productivity by the media not just for her work; she is also a mother of six children including twins and triplets! .

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Wisdom, Wonder & Work

Two Top Smartphone Travel Tips

Two Top Smartphone Travel Tips

Do you take holiday photos? How about photos you wish came out better? That gorgeous sunset by eye, just didn’t ...
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How The Great Empire of Carthage was born

How The Great Empire of Carthage was born

It’s 813 BC. Tyre (present day Lebnon). One of the ancient city states of the Phoenicians. Their king Mutto dies, ...
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Why Was Purple Such An Expensive Dye In Ancient Times?

Why Was Purple Such An Expensive Dye In Ancient Times?

The ancient Phoenicians lived from 2500-550 BC and were a great sea faring and trading civilisation. They came from Tyre ...
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Look at these testimonials

  • I’ve been hiring speakers for over 17 years now, and your presentation is the very best one we’ve had.”
  • ‘Your course was fabulous I loved it! Your presentation style was awesome I loved your words like delicious etc and your easy manner. I would very happily attend any other course you were facilitating
  • ‘Highly beneficial and useful training by a dynamic and passionate trainer’.
  • ‘I think Debbie did an amazing job at presenting and walking us through each new tool. Debbie was very charismatic, easy to relate to, and very patient’
  • Of the presenters, you have the best response with the highest ranking by delegates.’
  • ‘Wow – you may have just changed my life! I shared your tips with the office and they are all incredibly impressed.’
  • ‘Debbie is incredibly enthusiastic and knowledgeable in what she teaches, bringing a great energy to the room that is really engaging. Her tips and tricks are simple, straightforward and easy to put into practice right away’.
  • ‘I Love Debbie. Very engaging speaker’
  • ‘Your presentation at the AIOFP conference in Cambodia was sensational and Les Mace engaged you to speak at one of his RIAA conferences in the Hunter Valley where you achieved outstanding feedback’
  • ‘I really enjoyed the presentation last week at the APPA Conference. It isn’t often that you attend a conference and learn such practical tips to help you work smarter!’
  • ‘You were the stand out for me at the conference’.
  • ‘Your session was one of the gems of the WaterNZ conference.’
  • It was the best presentation. Very informative. Praised by all delegates


8 Reasons To Engage Debbie Mayo-Smith

  1. 100% Customised presentationTo insure the presentation is focused on your group, Debbie will carry out detailed fact finding, review software and technology they’re using and highlight features everyone can benefit from.
  2. Free: Three months of articles/quick tipsfor newsletters preceding the Conference
  3. Free: Early morning or evening exhibitor /sponsor sessionwhile at conference. They’ll love you for helping them learn how to improve their exhibiting/sponsorship ROI
  4. Free: Twelve month consultation follow up Debbie emails members quarterly and is available by phone or email to answer any questions, solve problems and run ideas by
  5. Free: Continuing educationEach participant will receive a free subscription to a monthly business tip newsletter so the learning continues indefinitely!
  6. Free: Online survey of attendeesUsed to help customise the presentation. You can add any questions you like and you’ll also receive an Executive Summary Report along with an Excel Spreadsheet of all responses.
  7. Free: One-minute promotional videoof the conference and Debbie’s session
  8. Free: Social media promotionThree months before conference Debbie will start talking about the conference on LinkedIn, YouTube (with the video) and Facebook

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