Rated No#1

You are going to hear ‘wow’ every few moments. This is because everyone is enjoying easy, practical immediate solutions to their everyday business problems? This is why you must have Debbie. Not only will you get a great return on investment; Debbie is often rated the number one speaker and most enjoyable at the conferences she works with and the teams she trains.

Your group will love her!

Debbie is well known for not only motivating; but showing how you get more done in less time, as well as how to communicate better and easily grow income.

Icing on your cake

To cap it off, the learning centres around simply how to use your everyday technology tools better – Outlook, Gmail, Office 365, smartphones and tablets, social media, the Cloud, email.

Motivational ‘How-to’ Speech and Training Topics

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Presentations & Training

Topics in General. Content and out comes will be decided with organisers and customised to your industry and business.

  1. Get More Done In Less Time – Wonderful tips and tricks on how to use technology better – Email, Smartphones, Tablets, Internet, Mobile Devices. Work smarter, faster, cheaper, better
  2. Conquer Your Email Overload – (Ease your pain. Enhance your gain) Free up at least two working weeks a year.
  3. Lead the Life You Love – Answers to work – life balance from the working mother of six including twins and triplets.
  4. Marketing in Today’s UNWIRED World Cheap, easy, clever marketing strategies and how-to’s
  5. Successful Social Media and Internet Strategies – Google, Websites & Social Media
  6. Effective Communication – How to be more memorable and  persuasive
  7. Winning Presentations, PowerPoints, Conversations. Learn how to craft communications to achieve your goal
  8. More Time, More Income, Delighted Clients – a three part blueprint to cheaply and effectively add value, save time and grow turnover.