Speaking Topics

1. How To Win More Business. Find More Clients

A brand-new stunning presentation filled with awesome ways and means to deepen relationships; find spot on new leads; improve online success and become a more persuasive communicator.

You’ll learn an exciting range of technology and expert communication tips that will have a significant impact on growing income and give you a strong competitive advantage,

Learning Includes:

  • New ways to find information about your clients and prospects to strengthen and enhance new and existing relationships
  • How to find perfect and exact leads for your business
  • How to vividly demonstrate value
  • How to improve your written proposals, marketing material and website.
  • How to create great stories, testimonials and case studies

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2. Smarter. Faster. Cheaper. Better. How to Use Today’s Technology Better

Learn how to use the free and easy (freasy) software and apps available on the Internet today to improve every aspect of business performance. Lower costs; remove lags and delays. Significantly free up time, improve income and communication.

This presentation is customised to your industry and business covers the clever use of little known features in:

  • Your software
  • Cloud
  • Google,
  • Smartphones and tables
  • Apps
  • Social media.


  • At least two/three working weeks freed up
  • Significantly increased efficiency in office procedures and practices
  • New clients from improved communication
  • Delighted clients from easy to implement value adds.

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3. Conquer Email: Ease Your Pain. Enhance Your Gain

Top athletes always say it’s 99% preparation. 1% performance. How much preparation have you had to with to work with email; the program you spend the most time in and your no#1

communication tool? How effective is your performance?

Debbie has written four books on the subject. Her varied industry experience combined with intimate knowledge of business problems and email programs means your customised session has a significant impact driving peak performance. Debbie will show little known features combined with clever thinking that will make everyone say “WOW” every few moments. You’ll learn how to free up at the very least two working weeks a year and become a master of communication, customer service, follow up and response.


  • Free up two to three working weeks. Email on smartphone – working better and quicker
  • How to automatically sort, prioritise even answer incoming email
  • Never retype repetitive emails again
  • How you turn contacts into a superb customer / prospect database
  • Managing calendars and tasks better

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4. Expanding Your Impact With The Secret Diamonds of The Internet

In an easy to understand manner, Debbie will highlight and show how to use the hidden gems of the Internet for free and easy improvement in many facets of Waste Management. Knowing the
secrets will give a significant competitive advantage; vastly improved communication and promotion; improved income, better branding, lower operating costsExample of Areas We Cover:

  • Fabulous Web Search Secrets – to deepen customer relationships and find perfect new opportunities
  • Google My Business – Improving organic search results and advertise for free
  • Google Maps – How and why to create your own layers for analysis and promotion
  • Cloud Office Software & Storage – how to use to streamline processes and speed communication flow
  • YouTube– the seond most popular search engine. The many surprising ways to use videos and create your own TV channel – private and public
  • VoIP – Using the free apps of Google, Microsoft & Facebook for online meetings, webinars, chat and instruction
  • Facebook – it’s Reachpocalypse and how to get around it

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5. Live the Life You Love

Work life balance how-to’s and tips from a business owning mom of six including twins and triplets. Debbie is similar to your members. A parent. A partner. Totally involved with business. Debbie’s

achievement is that as a mother with six young children (including twins and triplets), she started a business from scratch, grew it to a 6-figure annual income, built an enviable international reputation, wrote 16 bestselling books, maintains media columns – all in a short timeframe, with part time staff and on a miniscule budget. Debbie will share secrets to successfully balancing the 1001 pulls on your time without dropping the ball while achieving personal and business goals.

  • Reduced stress
  • Business and personal plans
  • More effective way of working – more spare time
  • Improve business income

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6. Social Media: The Good, Bad & Ugly

Freasy (free and easy) internet strategies that show a real return on your investment of time and money. We cover the best social media for your industry and business. You learn how to get found, focus your online advertising give a better online impression, get more clients, create a positive buzz and protect business from negative online comments. It also covers what not to waste time on in social media.

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7. Profits. Promotion. Productivity

An entertaining, motivating yet practical set of 10-15 quick ideas and tweaks to create significant improvement: More Income. More Free Time. Better Online Presence – from minimal effort

At the end of this session you’ll be able to immediately implement Debbie’s ideas to affect the following:

  • Elevate 2018 income
  • Lower overheads
  • Free up valuable time
  • Improve client service and value-add
  • Better life balance
  • Many more referrals
  • Better succession plan

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8. Effective Communication: How To Be More Memorable and Persuasive

Powerfully Persuasive People, Proposals, Presentations

Whether talking to a customer; someone on staff; interviewing a potential employee; or just entertaining around the dinner table – you could benefit greatly by knowing these essential secrets for’ persuasive discussions’ and selling. Debbie is normally one of the highest-ranking speakers at conferences and her secret to getting the message across isn’t just pushing a button for the next PowerPoint slide.


  • Improved communication and persuasion skills
  • Improved ‘persuasion ability
  • Improved productivity

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9. Winning PowerPoints. Presentations. Proposals

How good are your proposals? Do you ever have to present to an audience? Persuade a committee? Win a sale? Motivate staff or convince a partner? What about design a presentation – both visually
and the content? If you want to be more successful in your communications, come learn business changing tips from Debbie. She is normally one of the highest ranking speakers at any conference she speaks at. With hundreds under her belt, you know her secret to getting the message across isn’t just pushing a button for the next PowerPoint slide. Debbie will share success secrets with you and even better, show you how to do them.


  • 5 secrets of writing proposals and presentations that convince. That sell!
  • Design secrets for PowerPoint and Word Documents that you can do yourself
  • Making an emotional as well as an intellectual connection
  • Create visually superb, modern presentations
  • Communicate your perspective much more effectively

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